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A Science and Technology Achievement of China MCC20 in the Field of Steel Structure Obtained the Science & Technology Award of CACEM
Source:MCC20 Author:Department of Party-Masses Work Date:04 April 2018

On January 2, China MCC20 Steel Structure Branch received the medals and honorary certificates issued by the CACEM. The “Research and Application of Key Technologies for High-Rise Cantilevered Steel Structure Installation” researched and developed by the Branch was awarded the Second Prize of Scientific and Technological Innovation Achievements in the 2016 Science & Technology Award of CACEM.

The technical achievements relied on projects e.g. Zhenjiang Jianghehui Project in Jiangsu Province and Carbene University Comprehensive Building Project in Angola. They accumulated experience in the installation of high-rise cantilevered steel structures and played positive roles in promoting the installation of steel structures. The development of steel structure construction technology of the Company formed effective technical support, and also increased the influence of the Company in the fields of steel structures.

In recent years, China MCC20 focused on the construction of scientific and technological teams in the field of steel structures, increased investment in science and technology, and achieved good results in scientific and technological achievements, engineering methods, and patent applications, and applied the results into construction practice. The award inspired the company to comprehensively improve the ability of scientific and technological innovation, make in-depth implementation of the innovation-driven development strategy in the Report at the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, bravely ascended the peak of science and technology, created new achievements, and made even greater contributions to the growth of the Group.

 (Steel Structure Branch: Zhong Xiaojing /Photog Report)

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