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China MCC20 Overseas Engineering &Construction Co., Ltd Won the Bid for the Integrated Steel Plant Project of Hoa Phat Dung Quat Steel Joint Stock Company
Source:MCC20 Author:Department of Party-Masses Work Date:04 April 2018

On January 5, in the Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Coking Plant contracted by China MCC20 Overseas Engineering & Technology Co., Ltd., the No.3 coke oven was fired and heated up and No.4 coke oven was smoothly loaded with coal and put into operation.


The Formosa Ha Tinh Steel coke oven project is located in the Vung Ang Economic Zone, Ha Tinh, Vietnam. The first stage work of Phase 1 involved the construction of four coke ovens with oven height of 6.98m x 60 holes and annual coke output of 2.98million tons. The coke oven No. 3 is the last group of firing in the four 6.98m x 60-hole coke ovens after the coke ovens No. 1, No. 2 and No. 4 were successfully put into production. At this time, the No. 3 coke oven was successfully fired and heated up. Under the stringent requirements of the environmental protection department of Vietnamese government, the project management department of Overseas Engineering & Technology Co., Ltd. made repeated efforts to make overall arrangement and finally reached the objective set for heating-up of No. 3 coke oven.

 (Overseas Company: Pu Chunping /Photo report)

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